Modify your Boundless theme with additional product page layouts!

The price for getting a product page template is US$30.

The usual procedure is like this:

Due to the complexity of the modification, I provide a copy of the Boundless theme with new product page template(s) added. The default will be the new template and you will be able to assign other template(s) on a per-product basis. 

You need to tell me your *** address.

I will send you a link to download a theme ZIP when you've paid me via PayPal.

You upload this file in your shop:

Go to Online Store => Themes and click Upload theme, select the ZIP file you’ve downloaded from my link and that’s it.

This will create a new theme in your store. If you have not modified the code of your current Sectioned Boundless, it will be pretty easy to copy and paste your settings to this new theme, I will send the instruction with the link.

If you're not comfortable doing this I can perform this task for you for $10 extra

This may be especially convenient if you (or someone on your behalf) have modified the theme code via Actions->Edit code. To do this I would need to send a collaborator account request to your shop for your approval. (I would need to know your *** address for this).

My timezone is GMT+10:30 so it may be necessary to account for the time difference.

If your current theme is not heavily modified (and I mean actual code edits here), the installation usually does not take more than half an hour.